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Title Free Medical Service
Name James Date 2011-07-07 Hit 3679

On May 29, Monday, 2011.


There was a medical aid service and diverse events for foreign sailors at POKO's main building.

POKO has recognized that foreign sailors who have come in the country after hanging out at the sea are vulnerable to receive appropriate health care and carried out Free Medical Service for them.

This event was hosted by Busan Soo Young Ro Church and POKO's close cooperation.

This was a meaningful event for foreign sailors that could share the cultural experience, not merely medical aid.

This event ended in great success and foreign sailors who have come here to work at the ships coming alongside the dock of POKO and in the immediate vicinity had a special day.

Particularly, they expressed their appreciation for dentistry that have so far been in a dilemma.

You can check out the event-related photographs from the PR Center Gallery of POKO Engineering home page.



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